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The Next Generation of Automated disinfection system

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Our innovative product, born from a vision to enhance healthcare disinfection, is designed to tackle the challenges of maintaining stringent hygiene standards. Combining cutting-edge UV-C and Ultrasonic Dry Mist technologies, it automates and optimizes disinfection processes in clinics and hospitals, offering an efficient and comprehensive solution.


Air & Surface Disinfection

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Automated Disinfection process

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key features

Safety Sensor

Auto shut off using sensor for human detection up to 8 m range

Remote Control

Wireless Remote

Wireless Remote & Timer Controlled

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Single Click Refiling

Single Click refiling system for Ultrasonic Dry Mist.

Our Client Roster

Our Disinfection Systems is versatile, ensuring cleanliness and safety in hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, and even restaurants. With UV-C and Ultrasonic Dry Mist, it's adaptable to various environments, delivering thorough disinfection effortlessly.

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New Modern Dental Clinic Office


The Class Room


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Office Cabins

Modern Toilet Bowl in Interior of Restroom


Restaurant Table Setup


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Visited Healthcare Professionals

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Healthcare Facilities Including Clinics & Hospital Visited

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Avinya Infinity Solutions, established in 2023, is an innovative company driven by a powerful mission to transform the disinfection and sanitization industry. We recognize a significant need for efficient and effective solutions within healthcare and hygiene.

Our journey began by addressing the challenges faced by healthcare facilities, especially clinics and hospitals, in maintaining stringent cleanliness standards. Manual disinfection methods proved to be inadequate and inconsistent, inspiring us to embark on a mission of innovation.

With a commitment to making a meaningful impact, our journey encompasses key stages, from conceptualization and design to technological advancements, customer engagement, data-driven refinement, and certification pursuits. We are dedicated to providing innovative, comprehensive solutions in the realm of healthcare hygiene, ultimately ensuring a safer and more sanitary environment for all.

Bouquet of Memories

Few snaps from our journey so far...

Our Founding Team

Arijit Majumdar

Founder, Director

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Brajogopal Chakraborty

Co-Founder, Director

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